Patient Satisfaction: 

What Can You Do In Your Hospital?

High patient satisfaction. All hospitals want it but achieving it may be harder than it seems. Specifically in larger facilities with higher occupancy.

To help hospitals improve their patient satisfaction, we developed two powerful solutions that are patient-focused and increase patient-staff interaction, while also expediting the meal selection process through cutting edge technology. Let Bedside Connect and Room Service Connect get you the best scores possible.

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Why It Can Set YOU Apart

According to a BMJ study, 57% of patients are unable to correctly name a single member of their attending medical team.

Source: BMJ Journals

What this suggests is, creating a more personal and welcoming environment in your hospital is much needed. Not only to better the patient experience and their satisfaction, but it can help you stand out among your competitors.

Think About...

...It Matters

In a NCBI study done on why patients may not visit hospitals, 44% said issues of respect by the healthcare system kept them from going to an appointment.

“As consumers have more choice and healthcare decisions impact their wallets more, they will increasingly compare their healthcare experience to the expectations they have developed in other aspects of their lives [and] healthcare organizations will need to live up to a new service expectation if they want to continue to win the business of their service savvy customers.” – Peter S. Fine, FACHE, President & CEO of Banner Healthcare

“Emotional connection -- customer engagement -- is the key to developing patient relationships that are enduring and profitable.” - Gallup

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Making a patient feel special - every person wants to know their illness matters and that they aren’t just another face lost in the hospital buzz 

Increasing face-to-face interaction with patients – use first names, shake hands and continue to check on them, especially while they wait  (quality care can reduce wait time perception)   

Treating patients like customers  – they are receiving a service after all and need helpful and courteous staff in the recovery process with them





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